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Franconian Beer in Hamburg
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2012-05-03 13:46:14
I found out about this place a few months ago just doing a google search on Hamburg since the missus and I visited friends there last December. We didn't get a chance to visit it then but my friends visited last week and reported that is is outstanding. Nice place, great food, and from what I've seen by far the best beer list to be found in Hamburg.
   Franconian Beer in Hamburg by Uncle Jimbo on  2012-05-03 19:29:48
   Franconian Beer in Hamburg by Mike B. on  2012-05-04 04:01:15
     Franconian Beer in Hamburg by Gerrit (@geo21481) on  2012-05-04 07:20:37
       Franconian Beer in Hamburg by Mark Andersen on  2012-05-04 08:13:39