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My summer bike ride...
Posted by FredW on 2012-05-20 22:08:04
...starts in less than three weeks: Dunkirk to Vienna with stops in Oudenaarde, Antwerpen, Düsseldorf, Köln, Bingen (in honor of Gerhard :), Mainz, Würzburg, Bamberg (of course!), Nürnberg, Amberg, Regensburg, and Passau (plus lots of others) along the way. (Notice a pattern? ::) ) D-dorf is June 13/14, Bamberg June 24/25/26, Passau July 1/2 if anybody is in the area and/or wants to ride along for a while. And yes, I am doing it on my Bike Friday with 20" wheels (ISO 406) :)
   My summer bike ride... by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2012-05-21 00:09:39
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