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Posted by Nick B. on 2012-05-27 03:43:19
Well let's wait just a bit and see. I'm certainly going to check it out in person -- if not today, then this week. I think it might be more of a Gaststätte mit Garten in a tiny village than a large Keller. Not that this would be bad, of course, just different than the "normal Keller". But very likely on the today-y day. Then Herrmann's Keller on the tomorrow-y holiday. (Today, tomorrow, & yesterday can be used as adjectives in German, why not English?)
             Jungenhofen by Lutz on  2012-05-28 23:01:05
               Jungenhofen by Nick B. on  2012-05-28 23:23:48
               Jungenhofen by Fred Waltman on  2012-05-29 01:57:44
                 Jungenhofen by Nick B. on  2012-05-29 04:12:23
                   Rittmayer by Uncle Jimbo on  2012-05-29 09:24:41
                     Rittmayer by Jürgen Wening on  2012-05-29 23:28:43
                     Drei Rittmayer Brauereien by Nick B. on  2012-05-29 23:25:36
               Jungenhofen by Nick B. on  2012-05-30 00:01:41
                       Drei Rittmayer Brauereien by Nick B. on  2012-05-30 00:03:51
                         Drei Rittmayer Brauereien by Mark Andersen on  2012-05-30 05:34:15
               Jungenhofen by Nick B. on  2012-06-07 15:09:08