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OT: Eschawo update 4
Posted by barry on 2012-06-01 01:56:14
I've just realised that my numbering system has gone up the wall. Somehow, probably because of a zoigl induced fog, number 2 is missing. Glad to hear, Jan, that you are paying a visit to Eschawo and specially good that your staying with Charly - probably in 'our' apartment, Erdegeschoss - you won't be disappointed. He's a really great guy, loves zoigl and socialising, with a bit of luck, he'll be holding one of his Thursday garden sessions, which are great crack. You never know who'll turn up and with your good German language skills, it should be most enjoyable. We weren't expecting anything last night because the weather wasn't great but, at about 8.30, Charly rang our door bell to say that Martin Popp (Gloser) had turned up with a barrel (10 litres) of his zoigl, so off we went! It was quite a different experience to drinking in his stube, as much of the 'fizziness' had gone and also it wasn't so cold (interesting discussion about the correct temperature to serve beer - us and Charly liked about 8 - 9 C, Martin and another friend liked 5 - 6 C). I asked Martin some more precise questions about his ingredients. He uses 60% Pilsner, 30% Munchener and 10% cara malt. Not surprisingly, his zoigl is much darker than most, heading towards Loistl's 50/50 split. Re hopping: of course, Hallertauer hop pellets, about 5 kilos to a 2,500 l brew. Martin reckons that gives about 380 gms of alpha acid, which seems quite high to me, particularly as his zoigl is not particularly hoppy in taste. All are added during the boil (I haven't met a zoigl brewer yet who dry hops). Anyway, an interesting chat. He, or rather his son, is due to brew next week, so I may go along for a chat. Martin told me that he has never brewed; when he opened Gloser, his son was 18 and still at school. He went a couple of times to watch Robert Sperber brew and then brewed himself, with Robert's help. Martin said that it was kind of funny having a schoolboy brewing beer! He spent some time in Munich on a brewing course and then worked at Gambrinus (Weiden) for a year. He is now studying to be a mechanical engineer but attends a brewing course on 2 days a week. No other great events, just the usual round of stub-n visits. Last weekend, it was Fiedlschneider in Eschawo and Manfred Punzmann's Schoilmichel in Neuhaus. We wren't so keen on Fiedlschneider this year but H. Kollner is a very convivial man and we had a couple of good nights - pity the beer is so overcarbonated. Schoilmichel is just Schoilmichel, always a pleasure to visit, and this time was no exception. We had an invite from H. Schonberger (Kack-n) to join the family in the Neuhaus brauhaus next Saturday week but will have to decline, sadly, as we are due to visit our friends in the Erzegebirge that weekend. To make up for this, we have been invited to visit the cellar of Josef in Neuhaus, a hausbrauer, for a little haustrunk! Should be good fun. Tonight, either a Czechisch Irish Band in Reise-besen or a night next door in Roud'n, if the weather is bad.
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