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OT: For Jan re trains
Posted by TreinJan on 2012-06-04 05:40:47
2 Egronet tickets makes 32 euro's, Quer-durchs-Land makes 48, full fare according to DB 62,60 for 2 (for this connection) ! Btw, I assume they will collect you at Schönheide station with a car? If that is the case, I'd say Auerbach Oberer Bahnhof would be a better choice, makes for a shorter trip and one change of trains less. Just look at how the railway lines are situated north of Falkenstein. Auerbach Ob. Bhf is I think situated in Rebesgrün, about 2 km from Schönheide.
     OT: For Jan re trains by TreinJan on  2012-06-04 06:13:58
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