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Upcoming visit
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-06-10 04:46:54
It's a lovely part of the country to hike through. The only thing is I'd recommend it for someone who's been around here before, not for first-timers, especially because of the 3-1/2 hour round trip train/bus journey eating up so much precious time. As an alternative, you could take the train to Hirschaid (10 minutes from Bamberg?), sample the beers at Brauerei Kraus, then walk a good long stretch to the Kreuzberg where a brewpub and two other Bierkeller(s) are perched on a hill with an ancient chapel, then a km down the hill to the Roppelt's Bierkeller, then either bus or walk to Hallerndorf for Friedel's Dorfkeller, then again bus or hoof it to Br. Witzgall in Schlammersdorf, then a couple of km to Eggolsheim station for the train back to Bamberg. That would give you 5 Bierkeller(s) in amazing country settings and two village Brauerei visits. Well, the 5 Bierkeller are also attached to their own breweries, so it's a total of 7 brewery outlets. < > talks about getting there. You've got time to plan.