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Nearly live...
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-06-17 03:13:29
These are valid concerns. Just last Tuesday I dumped out the remaining few sips of my first Mass because I'd drunk it too slowly, which I blame on excessive socialising, owing to crappy weather having kept me away from the Keller for too long, ergo having too much catch-up to do. It can indeed get warm and stale. And whilst at the Zeckerner Keller last Sunday, I was so glad I'd got a Seidla, as the beer there was more or less undrinkable -- Export from Br. Sauer in nearby Röttenbach. Excessively gassy and stale. I dumped about a fourth of the Seidla on the ground. Raised some eyebrows doing that, actually. That Export is a bit better at the Brewery in Röttenbach, conveniently located at the bus stop (#205 from Erlangen), and has nice Öffnungszeiten, kein Ruhetag, FWIW. Seems to stay fresh there.
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