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North East from Bamberg
Posted by barry on 2012-06-22 09:24:43
Don't worry about Eichorn, I'm afraid not my favourite - 'Bamberg style' service and average beer. You can cut straight to Goldene Lowen in Hallstadt (more Tiefernellern - check spelling!) and, if you're lucky, the Buttenheim keller across the road might be open, if not, you'll have to make do with Fassla! Also, there's another pub in Kemmern - think it sells beer from Lichtenfels and a variety of other things, such as Schlenkerla raucht bier. Very nice garden and they also have a keller in the woods near to Wagner's keller. You go over the bridge in Kemmern and can take them in with the walk through the woods to Diller (though I've never actually done this!).