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Das wetter is schlecht
Posted by Jürgen Wening on 2012-07-10 12:04:11
@barry: As my birthday is in November I always have to celebrate inside, always fighting with icy weather conditions. Always wanted to celebrate in summer, so this year I got the fruit tree garden of a friend, equipped it with lots of beer benches and tables, a 1000 Watt PA, playing my self made celtic folk samplers, lots of franconian beer, franconian wine, food, a huge campfire, two barbecue sets, approximately 50 friends, a welsh flag, an irish flag, a scottish flag and an asturian flag ( € 2.75 each on ebay. On Galicia, Man, Cornwall and Brittany I would have spent ca. € 6.- per piece, so...), 32 degree centigrade and a nice thunderstorm. So. Ready was my franconian beer and celtic folk party. The only surviving thing was my hebridean tested danish tent... :-)
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