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Das wetter is schlecht
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-07-12 23:03:14
Good point. Maybe you should set your expectations for a high of 15°C instead? Either way, that sort of aberrant July weather must be pretty disappointing when one's on their hols. Then again, last year, we were treated even better: 14°C and rain on the worst day of our week-long holiday in *August*. That's what you get when you go on holiday on the Yorkshire coast though. Today, rainy and maybe 18°C here FWIW. Had three good Bierkeller days early in the week though. Which reminds me. If anyone's wondering about the Herzogenauracher Sommerkirchweih Festbier from Br. Heller (no relation to Schlenkerla)...don't bother. My free Mass was just about drinkable, but if I'd have paid the 7€ price for's a lovely fest setting though. And there's a Keller there pouring Held Bräu beer, though it wasn't open on Wed afternoon. < > And I ran into Franz Roppelt's uncle there, of all places, who is the cigar-smoking chap often working the Ausschank at Roppelt's Keller. I rode 26km from there (Herzogenaurach) to Roppelt's after that, too, for a decent Mass.