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New brewery: Brauhaus Binkert, Breiteng├╝├čbach
Posted by barry on 2012-08-08 01:30:45
I think that the problem for new brewers is to establish a recognisable style. Long established brewers in any country have had time to create a particular style, which, eventually, becomes the norm that people associate with that company. However, even the oldest operators seem to like to experiment, thus the various maibocks, festbiers, etc., etc. However, they still maintain their long established styles to keep their regulars happy. I notice in my infrequent visits to the UK (and from various contributors to this forum) that the new UK brewers tend to towards the experimental and that this seems to have affected even older companies, such as my beloved Holts in Manchester. They introduced a range of bottled beers with weird names a couple of years ago and even seemed to have sucumbed to the IPA trend by launching their own IPA (which, incidentally, is very tasty!). However, speaking for myself, I will always be attracted to the older traditional styles, although I am a fan of Andi Ganstaeller and really like his imitation 'zoigl'!