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Sandkerwa - and a trip out on Friday 24th..
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-08-20 14:22:16
Might not have a go at your for drInk driving, but drUnk driving would be another story. Looking at the map, I'd offer to drive you round to the three SW places on Friday if I could pick you up at, say, Erlangen Bahnhof...sorry, nowadays it's Erlangen Hauptbahnhof...and drop you off at Bamberg (or vice-versa, or to-from Erlangen) but my petrol costs might be as high as 25-30€. Ah, but you'd still have to fill the tank before dropping the car off, right? But the two places north of Bamberg, that's a stretch. Could conceivably do that on Saturday with herself's car with free petrol. Would Thursday & Sat early afternoons work if I drove? Fri's probably a brewing day for me. I drive stone cold sober BTW but you could sup a bit. Just a bit though, in fairness to me. Sure about opening hours and bottle sales and all that?