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Breweries found at Sandkerwa.
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2012-08-27 02:03:32
The Griesgarten is a historic pub/restaurant/beergarden with many different pub owners in the last years. New is a combination of mexican and franconian food but also drinks. Until now I haven't tried the new operators and their kitchen, but some waiters of the Café Abseits have tried and they say: - slower and less experienced service - good food. They have beers from Krug, Breitenlesau. Reading the menue I have found sausages (Bratwürste and Knoblauchbratwürste - garlic sausages) from the butcher Brand, Judenstraße, which should be very good. You find these sausages also on a small street festival in the Judenstrasse, two times per year. I would prefer the sausages with garlic. Two sausages with bread and Sauerkraut for 7,70 €, not cheap but impaired. The Mondschein is a historic pub. Anton Mohr, pub owner, has played a role in the "Bamberger Bierkrieg" in the year 1907 (beer war, fighting against higher beer prices). The pub owners have boycotted the local breweries and tappend cheaper beer from Forchheim. Heiner Sauer, the pub owner of the "Pelikan", Hofbräu and part-owner of the "Café Müller", has worked as a waiter in the "Mondschein" until 1979. Then the Mondschein had problems, closed for some months and Heiner Sauer opened the Pelikan 100 meters away from the Mondschein. Now the Mondschein is a sportsbar with many screens.
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