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Breweries found at Sandkerwa.
Posted by Mat W on 2012-08-25 02:34:15
Had the Hubner Vollbier on the Muhlebrucke stand yesterday and I have to say it was not great. Far better, and probably the best beer I've had so far at the Fest is Andy Ganstallers Zeugl (sic)on the stand by the Hof Brauhaus. Slips down a treat. Mat
                 Breweries found at Sandkerwa. by Nick B. on  2012-08-25 03:01:08
                   Breweries found at Sandkerwa. by Uncle Jimbo on  2012-08-25 10:39:33
                     Breweries found at Sandkerwa. by Mat W on  2012-08-29 03:35:35