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Bamberg to Uetzing and Metzgerbrauerei Reichert News.
Posted by Mat W on 2012-08-29 03:28:51
I can confirm the beer is sold from in the convenience shop, over the counter in a Siedla, or by bottle for take-away, and that there are high tables and a bench outside to drink at. The shops sells all the little items you'd need to live in a small village like that, such as butter, cheese, milk, cans, fruit and veg, household items and of course, beer, so I expect is very much the focus of the place when it is open, especially at weekends when we were there. It has to be the strangest place I've ever been to buy beer, and for one of the locals (Gabi), who was just sitting in the shop having a beer, to get up, offer to get one a beer and then come back and sit down having served me and carry on drinking, just made it even more quirky. Mat
           Bamberg to Uetzing and Metzgerbrauerei Reichert News. by Mike B. on  2012-08-29 05:24:34
             Bamberg to Uetzing and Metzgerbrauerei Reichert News. by Uncle Jimbo on  2012-08-29 12:19:18