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Forchheim update
Posted by barry on 2012-08-30 01:39:02
Have been here for three days now (just starting - rather late - 4th days). Sadly, weather taken a slight turn for the worse but should clear up in a day or so - might go to schwimbad this pm just for a bit of exercise. First visit to kellerwald Wednesday and most impressed - I guess it's like a scaled up version of Hallerndorf Kreuzberg. Unfortunately, most of kellers closed but had very nice Greif via By anstich - second seidla from new barrel was very impressive - before moving onto Hebendanz. Also quite nice but added CO2 slightly reduced quality, so not as good as braupub in town, also slightly more expensive - why? Met Nick again and explored lots of matters of mutual interest, mainly, of course, about beer. Nick most interested in English cask ale cellar procedures, which are, essentially, those used by home brewers. Noticed your offer of car rides Jurgen and we would be delighted to share a car and expenses to anywhere you choose to go - beer wise! And, as holiday makers, we are freely available. As a general point to Ben et al: if you fancy a meet up, either down in beautiful Forchheim or in equally lovely Bamberg, we'd be more than happy to meet. Contact me via the forum or on my up and running email (barry
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