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Forchheim update 3
Posted by barry on 2012-09-06 02:28:06
As Nick commented recently, Forchheim is a very pretty town; certainly recommended as an alternative to Bamberg, which we visited last Friday. Not that anyone seriously interested in beer should ever miss Bamberg but Forchheim is a good next stop: very easy to get around, four breweries, the kellerwald and relatively easy connections to some country places. I say 'relatively' because we have found that visiting country places by public transport does take a lot of planning. However, the Kreuzberg, Hallendorf, Roppelt's) and Witzgall are very easy via the 265 (on which the city bus pass seems accepted!). We are now planning a trip to Geisfeld and Rossdorf for which Sunday seems the best day, using the 977 from Hirschaid and basing the trip around the late John White's Strulendorf stroll. We had a great evening out with Juergen, son and friend on Sunday, visiting Hufeisen (Pottenstein), Beck'n (Buechenbach) and Gradl (Leups). Hard now to recall precise details: all serve dark beers, of which Gradl is Juergen's favourite. Thinking back, probably I would go for Hufeisen, a very 'chocolaty' sort of brew and a bit different from the other two. Frankische Schweiz is an outstanding region, full of lovely little schloss perched precariously on top of mountains - it woukd be a great place to spend a week or two, walking and drinking - maybe idea for future trip. Since, fairly quiet time, visit to local keller in Reuth, Schweizer-keller, very pleasant with good Buttenheim kellerbier, and a return visit to Roppelt's, where we met Nick and his charming friends Hermann and Karin (again). Looking forward to our trip out to the SW with Juergen tomorrow - report to follow.
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