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Gänstaller-Bräu Green Gold IPA (104 GER meets USA)
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-09-17 23:43:11
That's bloody strong for Franken! Possibly the strongest year-round beer of any Franconian brewery...? I would like to meet Herrn Gänstaller someday; perhaps I will make it to Strassgiech someday. The new Zoigl is distinctly different to and better than the old one. It benefits greatly from the extra malt. Too strong for me though.
             Gänstaller-Bräu Green Gold IPA (104 GER meets USA) by DonS on  2012-09-18 07:22:22
               Gänstaller-Bräu Green Gold IPA (104 GER meets USA) by barry on  2012-09-18 09:42:37
               Gänstaller-Bräu Green Gold IPA (104 GER meets USA) by Nick B. on  2012-09-18 23:48:19