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Best Bockbieranstich out of these 3
Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2012-09-18 08:16:42
I have not been to any of the 3 Bockbieranstiche you mentioned. Wagner will probably have a healthy crowd, but I doubt it will be as "heaving" as the Bockbieranstiche in Bamberg proper. I went to the Bockbieranstich at Brauerei Seelmann in Zettmannsdorf with Gerhard a couple of years ago, and it was much, much less crowded than a Bamberg event. But it probably depends on how popular the brewery is with the locals, how good the Bockbier is, and the population of the vicinity.
         Best Bockbieranstich out of these 3 by Nick B. on  2012-09-19 00:13:08