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Forchheim Washup
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-09-19 23:15:26
It was great seeing you two again (and again), and glad to have been of help, hopefully more than hindrance. WRT the homebrew session, I was particularly keen on what *you* two make of such beer, owing to your experience with English pubs, real ale -- mild in particular, and your ...erm... demographic. You're not typical English cuckoo brewer or Ratebeer types, such as I meet on my travels in England, but rather more traditional ale drinkers. The former would try my beer and parrot back about it needing yet more hops. You, however, gave me a more proper English reaction to it. I'm curious to see what Gerhard would make of it -- he's enjoyed Mallinson's Emly (?) Moor Mild, which is basically what I try to make my dark beer into (though not as much alcohol) and patiently slogged through the likes of Thornbridge Wild Swan and Fyne Ales Jarl (neither of which are as nice in the bottle as they are on cask, of course) -- whether such a thing might be marketable in Bamberg, on a purely theoretical basis. Otherwise, I'm pretty tight with it, as we need it here at home!
     Forchheim Washup by mike004 on  2012-09-20 04:27:41