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Bamberg -several places not open
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-09-27 05:55:39
IMO the brewing kit is what defines it. Actually, Barfüßer in Nürnberg isn't really a great example, since the location is very non-American -- great big cellar of an old building. But the brew kit is typical. No reason to go in there except to see the space. Haven't been to the Beer Temple; that's the newish place with 30 taps or something, sister to 't Arend's Nest, right? The brewpubs in Amsterdam are more or less like what I mean: De Bekeerde Suster and De Bier Fabriek. The former is not so "American" because of the tiles giving an old-world brewery effect, but the latter definitely is, though a Yank place might have stainless equipment rather than copper. I've never been to the latter, and once was enough to the former. Is 't Ij a *brewpub* or a *brewery* with a pub attached--anyone?
                     Bamberg -several places not open by Mike B. on  2012-09-27 07:17:00