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Keller life
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-10-01 02:07:50
Slowly winding down. Well, quickly now, looking at the weather forecast. < > Witzgall and Lieberth's Dorfkeller are already closed, and it's now left to speculate when Roppelt will close. Made it Tue & Wed last week, the former just in time for a cool, windy rain to blow through so we (Andreas & his Karin) adjourned to the new shelter house and Karin & Herrmann adjourned to the bus stop to wait on the 17.00. Wed was lovely and sunny. Today, no, but tomorrow and Wednesday should be great weather, and of course Wed is the national holiday. So on one hand, it will be nice, but OTOH, probably impossibly crushed with people out for the last fine day of the Kellersaison. Whether it will be the last day of the season then...I guess I don't have enough experience to predict, but it doesn't seem to me like he would choose to do that on a holiday. I think he likes to drag it out into the second week in October. But then I'll probably miss the last day, since we're taking off Tuesday to Yorks. Ah well. One day the week before last, though, Gerhard mentioned that Herrmann put away not three, but four litres that day. Well, one an hour, why not? And Karin apparently "fell into" the bus once or twice recently.
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