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Biking in Franconia
Posted by barry on 2012-10-27 11:44:43
It's not that bad, certaqinly not as bad as here. I live on a little country road in the middle of nowhere but am very reluctant to take out a bike because of the speed and carelessness of the driving. It's a bit difficult in many UK towns and cities because the streets are pretty narrow, making the provision of cycle lanes quite difficult. But there are loads of cycle tracks for recreational riding, unlike Ureland where there virtually none. One thing that seems very different from the UK and most other European countries seems to be the law about riding on the pavement (footway or walkway). In the Uk, it is strictly illegal to ride a bike on the pavement and pedestrians always take first place. I don't know the law in Germany, for example, but you see people riding on the pavements all the time, even in places where there is no designated cycle zone. In fact, make that 'you see people riding on the pavements all the time especially where there is no designated cycle zone'.
         Biking in Franconia by Uncle Jimbo on  2012-10-27 16:09:58
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