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Posted by Gary Warren on 2012-10-31 18:11:16
I know this is really late but was wondering if any of the folks here who happened to go to Annafest this year tried the beer at Brauwastl? Little tiny place at the end of the first road of the kellerwald. Excellent fest beer. Eichorn was good, as well as Grief and Neder but Brauwastl seemed the best to me. The got so much attention they ran out of their own beer and had to serve beer from Neder the last 2 days. Neder allows the guys from Brauwastl access to equipment to brew only for the fest. Can't get any beer from Brauwastl the rest of the year. Which was disappointing. First time for me at the fest, and hope to go back in 2014.,
   Annafest by Nick B. on  2012-10-31 23:41:47