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Family-owned Franconian bakeries?
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2012-11-07 04:48:14
Because the business is regulated (craft law) You find in all enterprises masters. The size of these enterprises is different. You find great enterprises like "Der Beck", where they bake in a central factory (in Nürnberg-Tennelohe). They freshen a part of their products in their branches. Fuchs with many branches in the region is okay. I prefer in the old town: "Seel" with the central in the near of the Pfahlplätzchen/ restaurant Weiherich (between Klosterbräu and Schlenkera) and a small branch left of Schlenkerla (between Schlenkerla and Ambrösianum). Mr. Seel is leader of the local baker ("Innungsmeister"). His bakery is the oldest in town. Specialities: - Bamberger Hörnla (baked with butter), best of Bamberg - Seelspitzen (the same dough) but another form - Rauchbierbrot (bread baked with 100% smoke beer - Schlenkerla). They have also nice pastiries, p.a. Zwetschgenkuchen (plum cake) etc. Some bakeries focus on pastries, chocolates, cakes ("Confiserei") Graupner (in the Lange Straße, near of Obstmarkt): Baumkuchen, chocolates. Typical guests: old women. "Café am Dom" (at the end of a small street in front of the Schlenkerla in direction to to Karolinenstraße. Or right of the street from Altes Rathaus to the dome. Specialities: chocolate figures etc. If You like good bread: Bäckerei Schüller in the Ottostraße. You sell their bread until Japan. You find their bread also in the KaDeWe in Berlin (one of the best German delicatessen store). Mr. Schüller bakes the bread two times. So he get a crispy bread-crump which give freshness some weeks. Bäckerei Kerling. They have a list of different bread specialities, stone baked bread. wood-fired bread etc. They have a branch in the Neuerbstraße near of the Café Abseits. I prefer their bread for beer tastings. Brotladen in front of the Naturschutzmuseum, Fleischstraße not a bakery but a shop with many different breads and sausages from the region. High prices, high quality! Best for sweet pies are: Konditorei Café Riffelmacher, special: wedding cakes at the Obstmarkt Gack's Frischladen not a bakery but a very small shop for the neigborhood. Mrs. Krause (the owner) makes jam and also bakes cakes like a housewife. It's a attraction for tourists from Japan and China.
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