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New CityJet NUE - LCY Connexions
Posted by barry on 2012-11-13 05:57:28
Sorry, answering this a bit out of sequence. Maybe we would use it but it all depends on the connection from Shannon. For the last period, SNN - STN flights have been very early in the morning (06.30) or latish at night (2030 - 2230). The late night STN-SNN flights are good. So are the early morning except it means that we have to get up 4 am, which is a bit of a bummer. But it doubles the cost and, as J. doesn't like flying, it doubles the pain for her! But it might mean that we could get from home toi destination in a single day. At present, we have to travel to Dublin, stay overnight, travel next day, usually as far as Leipheim, and finish off the journey on the 3rd day. This is ok when it's a long holiday but 6 days transit is not great on a short stay. We can also get to Dublin for nothing (OaPs get free travel on public transport at the present but maybe the troika will put a stop to that soon) and we can visit and stay with friends in Dublin, so that's good. Re the free snacks, etc. You can get the same service on Ryanair but you have to pay for it and, as far as I know, that's the same with every other short-haul airline in Europe - certainly the case with the rip-off Aer Fungus. Anyway, who the hell cares, we sitting munching our carry-on packs and nobody bothers us - just eccentric Oaps!
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