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Brau Beviale
Posted by barry on 2012-11-15 09:26:09
Interesing to look through the list of prize winners, too many and not enough time to deeply analyse but, with 160 category prizes (gold, silver and bronze) on offer, seems like you'd have to put in a pretty ropy selection not to win anything. Also interesting to note that most of the English categories were won by non-English brewers, with several won by Italians. Good grief, what is the world coming to! One wonders also how the judging would go if the panel were made up of people from the regions that the beers purported to represent. I think also that, unlike wine, which you can swill round the match and spit out and get a pretty good idea of its taste, quality, etc., beer deserves a much longer tasting - at least a pint and probably several. On that basis, how many beers could one person judge before becoming incapable. Nice to be asked to try though. Please inform the organisers that I'm available for duty.
       Brau Beviale by Nick B. on  2012-11-15 23:37:16
         Brau Beviale by barry on  2012-11-16 01:36:56
           Brau Beviale by Nick B. on  2012-11-16 15:27:14