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Ryanair im Fernsehen...on TV
Posted by barry on 2012-11-22 01:35:41
Have you watched the full programme yet? I think in Ireland and the UK, we just got tired of watching these programmes. Let's face it, industry jealousy and back-biting is nothing new - remember all the stuff about PC's from the 'Big Blue'? Not sure whether the German media is complicit in the conspiracy, they just follow a good story (man bites dog, etc.). It's really Lufthansa and the German government against any competition. Wouldn't like anyone to think that I admire Michael O'Leary particularly but, if we have to live in a dog eat dog market economy, let's get some benefits from it. Are (or 'were') there the same tirades in the States about Pacific Southwest, where O'L learned most of his tricks?
       Ryanair im Fernsehen...on TV by Nick B. on  2012-11-22 23:20:32
         Ryanair im Fernsehen...on TV by barry on  2012-11-23 02:33:38
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