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Bamberg Update, Days 1-4
Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2012-12-04 01:46:57
I got to Bamberg on Friday afternoon. I went to Spezial for dinner (very full with people). The Bock was excellent, but the U and regular Rachbier were also excellent. Saturday I attended a going away party for Matt Jessop and his roommate at Weyermann. I walked there with Gerhard. Lots of great beer brewed by the guys at Weyermann, and a fun time! Late night! Sunday I walked around the Adventsmarket im Sand and the Weihnachtsmarkt in Maxplatz. In the Adventsmarkt I had a Bier Punsch (hot, mulled bier) made with Ambraeusianum Bier. Tasty! In the Weihnachtsmarkt, I found the booth in the back selling Liefmans Gluehbier made of Liefmans Kriek. Also tasty on a snowy afternoon. In the evening I went tto Mahrs for dinner and beers. Had a Scheinesteak that was too dry despite the garlic sauce/gravy. U Bier was good, Bockbier was better (though a tad sweet as usual), and Helles Lagerbier was quite good. I observed many bottles of Mahrs Weizen being sold. Finished the night with a stop at Cafe Abseits to see Gerhard and to catch the last night bus back to the ZOB. Monday I had lunch at Schlenkerla. Bad news: the Ur-Bock on-tap is finished, but the good news is that the Eiche Doppelbock is now on tap! Served in a 0.5 L tulip glass, it is quite the beer! Monday evening I met Juergen and another friend and we went to Sesslach for dinner and 2 Seidla at Gasthof Reinwand. A very small place in a very picturesque town. Both beers were very good. Next we went to nearby Heilgersdorf to visit Brauerei Scharpf. We arrived at the place just as a Town Meeting was about to begin. They said we could stay if we were quiet, so we took the last seats right at the front, next to the slide screen! We sat there an hour with one beer and listening to the Mayor of Sesslach speak. When there was a lull and pause, we made a break for the door. I wish we could have stayed for another beer, but that speech was doing me in. We then headed back toward Bamberg and tried to find a place open for a last Seidla. We finally found Brauerei zum goldenen Adler in Hoefen open, so we popped in for 1 Seidla, and then a nice conversation (what I could understand of it) with the old proprietor. Overall a great evening! For those of you on Facebook, I have been posting some photos on my Uncle Jimbo page Cheers!
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