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BeerTasting Café Abseits, 8th December 2012
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2012-12-06 06:20:36
I have published a draft, proposal for a beer tasting with the Sticke Warriors and some beer friends from Sweden and Denmark, in the Café Abseits at/after lunch, maybe 0.30 p.m. I have organized the beers in 4 chapters: - beers form breweries opened 2012 - seasonal pale bocks - seasonal smoke bocks - Weyermann specialities 13 beers are probably too much. But You can skip some beers, if You have drink this beers before or will taste them at other places. I plan with 0.1 liter per beer/head. You can drink more, if You like. The "Weyermann London Porter Bamberg-Style" is limited, because I have only few bottles and this beer is sold out at the Braumanufaktur Weyermann. The brewmaster of the Brewery Stefan Zehendner will bring me either some liters from the storage tank as a "Zwickel" of the "Mönchsambacher Weihnachtsbock", so the volume is limited. Or they fill bottles already tomorrow and then we get enough bottles (I have asked for 2 cases, 40 bottles). You get also water and slices of bread.
   BeerTasting Café Abseits, 8th December 2012 by barry on  2012-12-06 07:01:28
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