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Posted by Carl on 2019-01-12 20:03:55
I usually stay in Freising the night before my flight out of Munich to the US.
I've always stayed in the Bayerischer Hof.
Prices aren't bad, and it's right in the middle of town, and is a nice place.
Usually busy, but I've been able to call on the same day and get a room.
If there's more than one of you, ask for room 321, and if it's available, they'll probably give it to you.  Top floor, multiple rooms.
Fairly easy walk (easier bus) to Weihenstephan, or to Hofbrauhaus Freising.
(I'm not sure if the Hofbrauhaus has a taproom, but the beer is served in the small pub next door.)
I/we normally take a cab to the airport, although I think a bus is available.
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