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Travel to Franken
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2019-01-10 08:35:46
The frustrating part re: coming from the US is that because of the time and expense that it takes we have to be selective on when and for how long we go.  It's not like I can decide on a Tuesday that I'm going to take a quick flight over for a long weekend because I want to be there for bock beer release x, or such and such festival, or I just feel like getting away for a few days to do some beer hiking.  If I lived in the UK, for example, I'd probably be a lot more inclined to visit more frequently but for shorter periods of time and could be more spur of the moment about it.  I know ... pity, poor me.  First world problems and so on ....  Try not to shed a tear.  I'll be okay I promise.

Bitching aside, I am fortunate I get to do it at all let along more than once a year (on most years) and I've got a direct flight options from Boston that are shorter than pretty much anywhere else from the US.  But it still requires a fair amount advanced planning, carving out vacation time, more money, and a lot time pondering and prioritizing if this year I would rather be there for bock season, keller season, spring time and the festivals going on then, Annafest, Canalissimo, etc. etc.  This year keller season, Annafest, and Canalissimo have won out so I'll be there in July for 2 weeks.  There just too much to do over there!!

Accumulating mileage points with an airline helps.  I'm at least getting a free Lufthansa flight every other year.  Like this year.