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Klosterbrau Rauchbier
Posted by Jason on 2019-01-08 04:07:17
Some thoughts on the 1 seidla I had on Saturday evening, poured from keg as the wooden barrel had finished. 

Initial impressions were 2 fold: Firstly, it could well be the Schwarzla brewed with rauchmalt. The colour is very dark, darker than Schlenkerla, and there is quite a lot of roastiness. Secondly, it tasted like a watered down version of Schlenkerla, and not in a bad way, although at 5.3% it is a little thin, like the Schwarzla. It was unfiltered due to the issues sing the filtering equipment as it would taint their other beers. Definitely different from other versions brewed by Huppendorf or Weiher, and I was mildly impressed, though others weren't convinced. But then they were going into far too much analysis - would i have had another? Yes. 

Interestingly, Matthias Trum of Heller may have something to say about the whole affair. Apparently, Spezial and Heller have a trademark on the term 'Bamberger Rauchbier' and whilst I know Spezial won't really care either way, due to proximity and the nature of Schlenkerla's worldwide fame, I think Herr Trum will be put out by this. I think it's a gentleman's agreement more than anything - I'm not sure I agree with having a monooly on a term like 'Bamberger Rauchbier' - it should be like any other AOC - if it's brewed in the city it's Bamberger. But I'm not familiar enough with the facts to pass comment. 

The next Bamberg beer war? I think not. 
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