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Bier at Schroll (Nankendorf) & Drei Kronen (Schesslitz)
Posted by Jason on 2019-02-02 07:28:53
hi David, I wouldn’t say ‘recently’ but the beer at both has always been fine. I’m guessing you have reasons for going as they aren’t... well they are good without being outstanding, but then good in Franken is very very good in most other places. The tap in nankendorf is a bit like a cafe, a little lacking in atmosphere. 

They serve the drei Kronen in pizzini on tap FYI. And I’m presuming you’ve been to heckel (near nankendorf)? A great place, more than just the beer. It’s a classic. Held Brau is not far either and is excellent. But I presume you’re aware of those things. 
     Bier at Schroll (Nankendorf) & Drei Kronen (Schesslitz) by David on  2019-02-02 16:04:37
       Bier at Schroll (Nankendorf) & Drei Kronen (Schesslitz) by Jason on  2019-02-03 08:57:51
         Bier at Schroll (Nankendorf) & Drei Kronen (Schesslitz) by Mosquit on  2019-02-03 11:14:57
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