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New Bamberg Brewery
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-03-03 03:56:14
Hmmm...googling Sternla makes me wonder if I have in fact been there. I think actually not. 

But I see it's just down from Burgerheart burger restaurant and around the corner from "Dude Retro Lounge". Yikes. There's a "Barber's Club" place down the street in this hipster part of Aachen that is for men only, where they can go and have their massive beards toped or whatever. And "talk about manly things" with no interruption from pesky women folk, according to the lady that owns the place where I'm staying.

Anyway, the burger craze seems to have not let up. I remember those of us who've been (sorry veggies) have liked the Zapfhahn. Seemed pretty decent to me. But the ones up here...sheesh. WAY too much spice and way over done. No, lads, a burger should not be like a sausage patty, says the Yank.