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Posted by Mike on 2019-03-12 02:19:19
According to de Molen, Bavaria (now called Swinkels Family Brewers) bought a 35 percent share of de Molen in 2016. They are now partners. According to the (Dutch statement by de Molen) the de Molen team will remain intact and will direct the company as it always has. Apparently the arrangement with Swinkels will be restricted to distribution and various other business activities.

I know de Molen and they do not make the kind of beer that Swinkels make, nor do they make the kind of beer sold in Bavaria. They call themselves "craft brewers." To me that means export beers to the US and possibly the UK.

There are a few "craft breweries" in Germany, but mostly in NRW, not in Bavaria, AFAIK. Even if Swinkels has some kind of arrangement with Gänstaller, I'd imagine it would have more to do with distribution than with actually making beer. This is the arrangement they have with de Molen.

When breweries get big, they look for a company to help with distribution, as the companies mostly only know local distributors. 
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