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Ot: visit to Oz
Posted by Barry on 2019-03-19 20:56:07
Just coming to the end of my month visiting my rellys in Brisbane. Not sure how I'll get used to 10C in Colwyn Bay after 30c but I'm looking forward to some decent beer! As forseen, the beer here has been fizzy and very cold, and pretty expensive. Last pint that I bought (Cricketers Pale Ale) was equivalent to £6.86 and so-so, after it has warmed to tasting levels - enough to make a Franconian or even a citizen of Wales weak at the knees! I did find a good brewery in Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills with 3 handpumps but that was the only cask beer in a month. Still, life isn't just cask beer (???) and there are plenty of compensations in the climate and environment. Only 4 weeks and I'll be in Franken (then Prague). It's a good life if you don't weaken.
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