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Bergkerwa Wirt refused permission to build brewery
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-05-20 05:33:02
Suffice to say Erlangen is not a tourist destination. Which is one reason why Mrs & I loved our 13 years there so well. 

AFA the Bergkerwa really is worth a quick walkthrough one afternoon. It is a lovely setting, overlooking the city, just because it's what so many Franconians do. Get out before the crowds and stupidity though, duh. No, it's not Annafest, but it is part of the local Bierkultur. And it's an architectually impressive lineup of old Keller(s) in a hillside.

Been there with Chris Kane...who else? Uncle Jimbo?

Actually, the Bergkerwa beer was one of Kitzmann's worst. The Kulmbacher will be an improvement...hopefully. The food at Entla's Keller is good. No, not cheap, but there it is.