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Krug Geisfeld
Posted by Yor on 2019-04-16 03:05:28
Recently heard from the brewer at Metzgerbrau (who lives in Geisfeld) that Krug is looking to resume brewing soonish. Not sure where it would be sold, as they don't plan to run a pub by themselves anymore.
       Krug Geisfeld by Jason on  2019-04-16 03:17:55
       Krug Geisfeld by rainer on  2019-04-16 23:41:59
         Krug Geisfeld by Kim Lund Johansen on  2019-04-17 00:28:28
           Krug Geisfeld by rainer on  2019-04-17 00:54:55
           Krug Geisfeld by Yor on  2019-04-17 09:52:35