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Nuremberg on way home, hospital, smoking.
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-06-06 01:43:07
I'm STILL recovering from the pneumonia. The breathing and coughing are improving, but I still can't even walk the dogs without getting winded. 

Now to think of inhaling any sort of smoke...just say no! (I understand you don't inhale a cigar.)

I dreamt last night that I was smoking cigarettes again...yeesh.

ObFranconiaBeer: When the Rauchverbot finally came in over a decade ago, I remember being able to smell the "age" of the Schlenkerla tavern for the first time. Mrs & I had all but stopped going out to eat & drink much in the couple of years prior to that, as the qualm had become unbearable, especially for her with her contact lenses. I also remember reports of a boom in the gastro trade in the year following the Rauchverbot, which ran contrary to the dire predictions of the smoking ban opponents.

Boy, how I used to get worked up over that!