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Bierstadt Ehingen, BW
Posted by Jason on 2019-05-11 01:35:00
Yesterday, being in Ulm for the weekend, I visited Ehingen, about 20 minutes away by train, also in Baden Württemberg. I last visited I 2012 and was very impressed, but I don’t hear much on here about it. 

There are 4 breweries in Ehingen, 1 being in the ‘Berg’ area just outside. I am yet to visit this brewery though I’ve had the beers. Brauerei Berg has a very interesting looking setup with lots of beer garden / Keller areas, so definitely a summer choice. The city is very proud of its brewing pedigree, and there are signs to breweries and other nice touches reminiscent of Franconia. 

Tye other 3 are all in the center more or less, and a 1 km round walk from the station would be all you’d need to visit all of them. The historic town is quite pleasant with a river running through and some impressive historic buildings, but it’s not a visit in and of itself. Our first stop was Rößle Brau, though it didn’t open until 4pm and we had to wait until 4.30 before they eventually opened. An attractive pub in an old building next to the brewery, the unfiltered hell and dunkel were rather good. The people were also very friendly and as soon as they knew I lived in Bamberg they were harping on about previous visits etc. 

The next brewery was Brauerei zum Schwert. An impressive building and very unchanged grand taproom that had seen better days, reminiscent of Schwann in Burgebrach. The beer was ok to goood, they had a kellerbier which was very much like a helles and a helles that was also very much like a helles. Overall a pleasant if not mind blowing experience. 

Finally we visited Schwannen Brau in the center, memorable from my first visit as it’s actually connected to best western hotels and there is a BW Hotel behind. The exact relationship I’m not sure of, it may well be independent as, unless you go in the beer garden in front of the hotel, behind the brewery gasthof, you may not notice. Anyway the beer was good and they had a fridge with a lot of ‘craft beer’ from around Germany. The food was very good and not too pricey. 

Overall i would thoroughly recommend Ehingen. It’s a bit out and not really somewhere you’d stop on the way to Franken, but perhaps a detour on the way to Munich, with an overnight stop recommended. They have a street beer festival in early May which has 14 breweries from the area, many of which I hadn’t heard of. Unfortunately this year it was cancelled due to the cold  weather - take heed Memmelsdorf! 

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