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Posted by John Ratcliffe on 2019-06-04 01:32:12
Hi all,
   Just planning our upcoming trip. I had the idea to do a walk Breitelesau-Waischenfeld-Nankendorf-Breitenlesau. Unfortunately the bus times dont work for Waischenfeld(bus arrives Breitenlesau 1130ish, Waischenfeld closes 12, bus leaves 1615ish, Waischenfeld opens again 1630). Am I missing something? Has anyone managed to visit Waischenfeld this way? 
Wed also stop in Heiligenstadt on the way from Brietenlesau to Ebermannstadt.
   Waischenfeld by Jason  on  2019-06-04 06:49:39
     Waischenfeld by John Ratcliffe on  2019-06-04 09:25:19