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Everybody Settle Down UPDATE
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-06-23 01:29:14
A fairly major happening in my life, regarding that legal situation I got myself involved in: I do not have to return to Las Vegas for the "sentencing" hearing, tentatively scheduled for early October. I was originally charged with a couple of felonies that could have led to 40 years to life (arson!), the details behind which I may explain in detail later (basically, real cops are great, rent-a-cop security people not so much), after everything is settled.

Suffice to say it's good to be a white man with a lawyer. (It's bad, OTOH, to be a middle-aged white man who acts in the slightest bit out of the ordinary in the hyper-paranoid environment of Las Vegas casinos, especially in the months following the worst mass murder shooting in US history.) One of the charges (the more nefarious sounding one) was dropped entirely, and the "arson" charge was reduced to "intent to destroy property", which I pled guilty to on the advice of my lawyer, to avoid the expense of a jury trial. I may also go into further detail as to what my actual intent was --it was a joke, as anyone who's watched the security video on here can hopefully see-- when everything is settled, hopefully in October.

My lawyer wisely advised that of the two charges to be dropped, the "arson" was the worse choice, since the event was captured on video, and did occur 30 hours before the casino bothered to call the police about it. Both of these will hopefully be argued at the sentencing, to influence the judge positively in my favor. 

Whilst getting arrested, spending 2-1/2 weeks in a notorious jail among hardened career criminals, and going to court are fascinating experiences, I don't know if I would recommend that anyone else do what I did (remember, kids, Just Say No -- stay away from the Amsterdam-strength marijuana that they're legally selling in the western US these days!) just for the life-broadening experience! 

ObFranconiaBeer: Haven't drunk any since 2017. Had some Koelsch yesterday...meh. I've had worse.