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FeWo (Holiday Flat/Vacation Apt) (was: Everybody Settle Down)
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-06-06 04:40:18
It's not very complicated!  Early on in our visits to Franken, I twigged that getting to many rural pubs was difficult.  Fred has often warned of the difficulties of local bus services, many of which are really there to serve schools and, therefore, only available during term-time (which can be a bit unpredictable) and during the day, when many local Wirtshausen (correct?) are not open.

So, I started looking at towns that were on the main north-south rail line, as the service is, generally, quite good (you could link it with the branch lines like the ones to Ebermannstadt and Ebern).  Then I looked at the town's websites and found that many had tourists guides, with accommodation and - bingo - the problem was on the way to being solved (Oh no - now you're all going to be doing this!).  Bamberg was and is a problem: I've stayed at many places in the city and they are uniformerly expensive, if you intend to stay for longer than a few days (remember that I was and am an impecunious pensioner - stop laughing there).  I partially solved the problem by staying in Drosendorf a couple of times but the bus service finishes around 19.30, which is why I've spent a lot of time in Goeller and walked up and down to Merkendorf many times.

So, I stayed in Drosendorf, Buttenheim, Seigendorf (near Hirschaid but up a big hill past the Hirschaada Keller - never stayed in Hirschaid, as the Fewo's were a bit pricey) and Forchheim (lovely but also a bit pricey) before I ound Ebensfeld, which is only 18 minutes from Bamberg by train, has lots of quite reasonably priced and good Fewo's and had a nice Stube (closed again now) and very nice Keller.

It sometimes means that you spend a fair bit of time in one Stube but that can be interesting and you have to be sure that you're going to like it (we thought Loewenbrau in Buttenheim was great - good beer and very friendly - and packed most nights!).

I'm not sure how dog friendly these places are - I suppose it varies from place to place.  I'm an animal lover (possibly the only person on the Forum who chooses not to eat them) but, personally, I wouldn't choose to stay in a place that's animal friendly (inside the apartment) because I don't think that you can ever really get rid of the smell and, if it isn't your animal, it's not that appealing - whether it be dog, cat, alligator, possum, or whatever.   Just my personal choice - if it's your animal in your home, I take a different point of view.  Lots of my friends and family have animals and I'm happy to stay with them (this is not meant as a big hint!).

Schlammersdorf wouldn't be great choice because you're a fair way from the railway and the 265 bus doesn't run that late.  It's a fair walk to Eggolsheim and not so many trains stop there.

It's easy really, if you take a bit of time.  
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