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Way OT: Love of Europe & Life
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-06-19 01:08:03
Praise be unto Fred!

The only other board that comes close for me is a Lord of the Rings one I used to be active on, up until over a decade ago. That one appears to still be going.

Moving away from family might also be a reason for you, Mark, to stay put. As one of those childless (or child-free, if that's your attitude) sorts, I can't imagine wanting to move overseas away from one's kids.

That was another thing that happened to me last year, even one that got me started wondering if I had been cursed by a voodoo priestess or something: I got 3 different pregnancies going (all with women of a particular racial mix: African-American & Cherokee...long story) but two had to be terminated on medical grounds, one of which because my nearly-baby-mama got struck in the abdomen whilst being robbed of her phone.  The second was an ectopic pregnancy.

The third supposedly resulted in a baby girl on Valentine's Day, but I've lost contact with maybe-baby-mama because of...never mind, another long story. She's got...issues. But young yet, only 22.

AFA phone thefts go, one got pinched from me in a crowd on the Fremont Experience one night (be careful down there!), and another almost got robbed when I was jumped from behind by a big, crazed druggie (meth kills!) just outside my apartment, WHILE I was on said phone with the police, reporting said junkie chasing me. I crouched down & held onto the phone for dear life, yelling for help as loud as I could. Druggie lad ran off when my neighbors came out to see what the commotion was.

Saw him the next day and he apologised! That was about 3 months after the time I was attacked by different great big druggie that resulted in the head injury portrayed on my Twitter background pic, FWIW. It was that head injury that led to memory loss. 

I've always thought that we didn't have crystal meth when I was young. Well, we didn't where I was from. But it turns out the Nazis gave it to soldiers in WWII, and it was even marketed and what not. We did hear about angel dust when I were young, that supposedly made people crazy, but this meth is really bad stuff. 

2018 was a very, very weird year for me. And Vegas is a very, very weird place. I would suggest staying away. Especially if you're vulnerable to the temptations it provides. There are places with cheap lager though: $1 bottles of PBR, and the brewpub at Ellis Island ain't bad. Cheap. 2 pound prime rib for $28...ask for the "Nick special" and they might cut you 3 or 4 pounds.

ObFranconiaBeer: I found none in Vegas. Best stay away.
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