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Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-06-23 07:11:38
I thought we (figuratively) have argued (figuratively) quite a bit in the past about how traditional a given brewery or Bierkeller should be or not. But then, I (literally) have argued about way too much such nonsense on here in the past, and can't be arsed to care any more.

Agreed, of course, that Rittmayer is uninspiring and yes, Rittmayer in Aisch is well worth seeking out, especially when the little Biergarten (or is it a Keller?) across the road from the brewery is open. 

And yeah, the Metzgerbraeu beer...too dark and a bit...funky for my taste. Only had it a few times, and it wasn't one I ever wanted to have more of. I forget if I've visited his place. Manfred is his name, that I remember from the TV program(me), when the little old lady came in to his butcher's shop and demanded a beer, which she then said "slid down like oil" or something quaint. (She's so old her taste buds are long gone.)

When I ever get my desktop computer out of storage in that nasty city between Forchheim and Nuernberg that nobody ever wants to mention, I'll find the video and upload it to Youtube again. It was cute, and interesting to see how you can brew beer in a big sausage was before he installed a proper brewing kit.

Speaking of Erlangen, we (the Nebraskans and I) had a great tour at Kitzmann (RIP) years ago, ending with lunch at the Gaststaette, which I hope to visit again someday. While it's perfectly fine to rag all over Erlangen and Kitzmann, it is a tragedy that the brewery closed up. It was a great example of a centuries-old brewery built into the old city wall. 

Erlangen *was* once a huge exporter of beer, even to the US. One might quip that Franconians had good enough taste and sense not to drink Erlanger beer, to export it all, I guess. But still, it was a lovely old brewery.

Really hard times for such breweries as those. Very expensive real estate, and a very, very hard business to make a profit in. Makes me wonder which brewery of similar size will we see go next.
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