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Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-06-19 06:20:31
Ryan, this is a slightly 'off the wall' suggestion but, if you want to talk to brewers about brewing in Bavaria, why don't you go to the Oberpfalz and look at the Zoigl tradition.  In either Windischeschenbach, Neuhaus, Eslarn, Falkenberg or Mitterteich, you'll find the Zoigl brewers happy to discuss brewing.  In the end, it's just another 'untergaeriges Bier', made from Muenchener and Pilsner malt and, generally, using Hallertauer hops.

If you're not familiar with this tradition, you can read my English intro at [] and I'll happily put you in touch with someone.who'll introduce you to the right people.
           Brewery Tour  by Ryan G on  2019-06-20 04:05:29