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OT: Where in Cumbria? (no car)
Posted by Ungespundet on 2019-07-01 08:22:34
Sorry, it was supposed to be Odyssey brewing ( in Herefordshire. If I remember correctly they said "in Wales".

Yeah, you remember. I love Neder! Stayed a week in Forchheim and went there every day. The regulars kind of stopped staring hard after a few days. One regular chatted with us every time and told us how curious the other regulars were about us. A group of regulars who sang in the choir shared a table with us continuously  burst into song on new year's eve. After a few days some regulars sat at the same table or invited us to sit at theirs.

Have read other tourists' experiences at Neder and too bad they thought it was intimdating or unpleasant but ours were great. Only one (good) beer and we couldn't stop drinking.
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