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Your 4 fondest Franconian beers
Posted by Resin on 2019-06-30 05:29:36
HARTLEB Landbier
- Slowly grown on me over the times. Sadly the pub isn't too special and it's quite far out of my way. But sitting in the mornings outside the facing the church and sipping the Landbier while trying to get a laugh out of the locals is fun. Great beer!


- Absolutely love this beer. Only ever consumed it from bottle at the pub and lately elsewhere since I learnt to bring empties. Saison-esque!

ROPPELT Kellerbier
- Stunningly beautiful Keller. Incredible sessionable Kellerbier often enjoyed at the Keller and Restaurant, both from tank and several BA here and there. & Franz and Fritz are jewels.

LIEBERTH Kellerbier
- Not been to their Keller yet, which is a serious miss in my book. I've barely noticed its uniqueness in the pub, but multiple outstanding BA experiences later I drink it at any opportunity. A delighting doughyness (Gaenstallers Zwickelpils also does it well) and sublime herbal-spicy hop notes.

EICHHORN Kellerbier
- Yes, great one! While visiting regularly, it easily slips my memory. Less rustic than the others mentioned, but oh so very süffig. I should try a bottle soon again. If you haven't, venture out to taste their new Rauchbier.

The Hallerndorf style of delicately hopped mineal rusticness pleases me without fail. Happily new and tried beers fade in and out of preferences!
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