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Who's here when?
Posted by Brian W on 2019-07-12 11:08:24
Making my first trip to Bamberg! Sadly far too short and only part of a trip that starts in Berlin and ends in Munich. Will have a car (with my wife driving and not drinking). Missing both Annafest and Kanalissimo.

Tuesday, July 23rd--arrive in Bamberg (driving down from Erfurt--stoppping in Coburg, Sesslach and Reckendorf on the way down)
Wednesday, July 24th--Bamberg
Thursday, July 25th--Forchheim and Kreuzberg.  Evening in Bamberg
Friday, July 26th--Leave Bamberg.  Visit Pottenstein on the way to N├╝rnberg

Thanks for all the advice I've gotten from you guys!
     Who's here when? by Mark Andersen on  2019-07-12 12:06:19
       Who's here when? by Brian W on  2019-07-12 12:29:37